We provide a full range of services for diagnosing and treating breast cancer.

Each year more than 20,000 women are seen in Edinburgh and about 600 breast cancers diagnosed.

New patient clinics run on every week day. There are theatre lists each day, and a weekly local anaesthetic list.

Breast Clinic/Pathology meeting

At our combined Breast Clinic/Pathology meeting, surgical pathology findings of patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer are discussed and a decision made on appropriate adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Patients who are eligible for trials are selected at this meeting.

Multidisciplinary staging meeting

A weekly multidisciplinary staging meeting is held to discuss patients with newly diagnosed breast cancer and a decision is taken on appropriate surgical or neoadjuvant management.

Patients suitable for preoperative trials are identified at this time.

The relevant doctor and breast care nurse will then see the patients with newly diagnosed or recurrent disease to explain the diagnosis and the management as discussed at the staging meeting.

The Pathology and Staging meetings are held twice weekly.