Information for students

Each week the wards are covered at Consultant, Specialist Registrar and FY1 level.

Welcome to the HPB unit. We receive specialist referrals from across Scotland.


Team structure

Sister Lorraine Kirkpatrick is the HPB cancer specialist nurse at the Royal Infirmary.

Erin McNally, Grace Croft, Leigh Richardson and Joyce Phair coordinate MDT activities.


In addition to joining formal ward rounds, you will be able to shadow FY1s and gain first-hand experience of HPB patient management on the unit.

There will be opportunities for you to clerk and present patients as well as perform supervised ward based procedures such as venepuncture and venous cannulation.

Our MDT/X-ray meetings will allow you to gain insight into often complex management issues.

At least one theatre list runs daily (principally Theatre 15 & 16). You are welcome to attend, but please introduce yourself to theatre staff and check they are able to accommodate you on the day.

ERCP lists run daily - afternoon lists on Monday and Thursday; morning lists on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Please check with Endoscopy staff if you plan to attend.

Interventional radiology cases take place in the Vascular lab. Please check with Radiology staff if you plan to attend.

Unit timetable

Students are welcome to join all HPB activities.
Monday 0800 Ward round, ward 116    

0800 Case discussion and theatre planning

106 conference room, then ward round

11.30-13.30 MDT, OPD4 14.00 HPB clinic, OPD4
Wednesday 0800 General Surgery M&M, OPD4 09.00 Ward round, ward 116  
Thursday 0800 Ward round, ward 116    

0800 Pre-op meeting, 106 conference room, then ward round

Monthly journal club

12.00-14.00 HPB/radiology meeting, Radiology seminar room 14.00 Liver transplant meeting, 206 conference room
Saturday 0800 Ward round, ward 116    
Sunday 0800 Ward round, ward 116    

A specialist registrar-led ward round takes place at approximately 1500 each day - liaise with the ward team.

We expect you to behave in a professional manner, as set out by the GMC in this document.

Please ensure patient information is not taken away from the HPB unit.