Surgical Training

The following 4 videos on laparoscopic knot-tying have been produced by Dr Alan Farnworth, with the help of Mr Simon Paterson-Brown, Mr Andrew de Beaux and Mr Graeme Couper.

Laparoscopic Suturing

Laparoscopic Knot Tying

This instruction sheet should be used in conjunction with the accompanying video clips. The stages refer to those mentioned in the video clips that have been split up for ease of learning. The equipment required is the same for all the following knots although personal preference may dictate the type of needle holder used. The suture used may also be chosen dependant on the preferences of the user.

Equipment Required

  • 2 x laparoscopic needle holders right and left
  • Needle and thread (thread half the length of the grasping tool)
  • Laparoscopic scissors
  • Laparoscopic simulator - camera, laparoscopic holes, simulated skin patch with vertical wound


For ease of purpose the side of the thread which the needle occupies will be referred to as the head and the other side as the tail. The references to right and left are as seen on screen.