Teaching Excellence

The Surgical Teacher of the Month award formally recognises and rewards excellence in teaching.

The Surgical Teacher of the Month award is based on feedback developed within Clinical Surgery.

It formally recognises excellence in teaching and rewards those making extra effort to deliver enthusiastic and inspiring leadership in clinical education.

All clinical teachers are eligible for the award, from foundation year doctors on surgical teams to the unit head.

The scheme has been very successful and welcomed by students and clinical teaching staff.

Surgical Teacher of the Month 

Student feedback

Each month, all students are asked to fill in a brief questionnaire as part of their 360 degree feedback session. They are invited to rank clinical teachers in order of achievement from one to five.

The first three teachers are scored according to their rank.

Recipients of the award are announced at the department of surgery’s main weekly meeting and presented with a letter of thanks. The top five clinical teachers are similarly recognized.

During the feedback process students can also identify other teachers who have added significantly to their learning experience. These teachers receive honourable mentions.

Staff development

The surgical teaching staff is audited continuously. In addition to promoting educational leaders, this process identifies those whose personal development in teaching might benefit from support.

Collated scores are available to teachers for reference at Record of In-Training Assessment (RITA) and appraisal.