This series of seminars and tutorials is designed to complement clinical exposure and training.

Further to the inaugural teaching program of 2008/2009, in conjuction with run-through Specialty Training Programmes in Surgery in Scotland, we have reorganised the regional programme of structured teaching.

In response to feedback we have increased the allocated time for certain topics to allow a more comprehensive overview of certain topics.

This reorganisation has been done with the support of the:

  • Postgraduate Deanery
  • South East Scotland Surgical Training Committee
  • University of Edinburgh

This programme is designed to complement clinical exposure and training. It is aimed at maintaining up-to-date theoretical knowledge, including areas outside your immediate area of sub-specialty interest, which remain in the curriculum and the exam.

Academic level

The academic level is designed to be inclusive for all grades of Specialty Trainee, from ST1 through to ST6/7/8.

The content will incorporate and be compatible with the syllabus outlined by the Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Project.

In light of new ways of training, there is likely to be a greater requirement for accelerated learning by those in the earlier stages of training.