Ewa Majdak-Paredes

Ms Majdak-Paredes interests lie in oncoplastic and microsurgical breast reconstruction, breast aesthetics, developmental breast conditions, and revision of breast surgery, gynaecomastia, lipomodelling, skin cancer and reconstruction, scar management as well as other aspects of plastic surgery.

Ewa Majdak-Paredes

Consultant Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Contact details

Clinical Interests

Her main clinical interests comprise complex reconstructive surgery of the breast, body and face including microsurgery and oncoplastic surgery. She supports multidisciplinary teams looking after women with breast cancer or hereditary predisposition of breast cancer as well as skin cancer.

Her research interests include quality of life of patients undergoing plastic and reconstructive surgery.

She is also involved in medical education and management.

Appointments and Activities 


Ms Majdak-Paredes was appointed Consultant Plastic Surgeon in 2016. As well as working at St John’s Hospital, she also provides service as a member of Breast MDT and Breast Management Group to the Edinburgh Breast Unit.


Ms Majdak-Paredes obtained her Medical Degree in 2000. She then completed a PhD program in surgery and human genetics including being Marie Curie in Human Genetics at Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands. As undergraduate student, she participated in Erasmus Student Exchange Program.  She undertook her postgraduate training in surgery and plastic surgery via national training programs in London, Kent, Dundee and Edinburgh. At the end of training she undertook fellowships in oncoplastic breast reconstruction, microsurgery and aesthetic surgery in Edinburgh, Chelmsford and Canada.



MBChB, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland (2000)

PhD, Medical University of Gdansk, Poland & Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands (2004)

Intercollegiate MRCS Surgery in General (2006)

Certificate of Basic Surgical Training (2006)

Intercollegiate FRCS in Plastic Surgery (2015)

European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (2015)

Certificate of Completion of Training in Plastic Surgery (2016)


Awards and Distinctions 

World Biomedical Frontiers commentary on my publication in Breast Journal 2015 for innovation & potential impact (2016)

BAAPS Travelling Fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery, Banff, Canada (2015)

National Selection for Plastic Surgery Training Scotland – ranked first (2009)

Hem/Onc Today commentary on my publication in Eur J Cancer on prolonged disease-free survival in BRCA1/2 mutation carriers (2006)

Rector’s Award for Original Research on genetics of breast/ovarian cancer syndromes Medical University of Gdansk, Poland (2006)

PhD Research Grant from European Commission for Research (Eurogendis) via Marie Curie Fellowship to work in Human Genetics at Leiden University Medical Centre, Netherlands; selection process took place at Karolinska University, Sweden (one of 5 PhD students selected in 2002)

Erasmus Student Exchange Scholarship University of Antwerp, Belgium (1999)

Medical Anatomy Knowledge Award (Scapula Aurea) Medical University of Gdansk, Poland (1995)


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