Costing your research

It is important that your costing will fully support your research.

Be sure to take advice on this. Grants offering full economic costing are most highly valued by the University and NHS as they provide additional resources to support core research.

Salary costs

Clearly salary costs make up the major part of most grants.

Check that salaries for technical support and so one are at the appropriate level and band and include:

  • pay progression
  • pension
  • national insurance contributions

Laboratory based projects will require running costs of between 10,000 and 15,000 pounds per annum.

Funding agencies expect this level of funding and projects may be turned down if costings are not adequate to support the research.

Associated costs

With diminishing study leave budgets and a non-existent Class grant, it is important that claims are made for elements that the department has very limited resources to support:

  • travel to meetings
  • page publication costs
  • stationary and other reprographic costs

Equipment should be purchased in discussion with the University as there may be preferred suppliers offering reduced rates and facilitatation of tax relief on purchases.