Most of our PhD students are supported by external sources and the University, but we also welcome self-funded applications.


This funding varies depends on the type of applicant.

UK/EU applicants

A number of PhD studentships are available each year for either a fixed three or four year period. The time period will depend on the background and prior experience of individual applicants.

UK/EU applicants who are successful in being awarded a studentship will normally have fees, research costs and a stipend to live on for three or four years covered by their studentship award.

Non-UK, EU students

Special restrictions apply to research council studentships awarded to non-UK, EU students.

Non-UK, non-EU students

Studentships on offer for non-UK, non-EU students will initially only cover fees at the UK/EU rate.

Outstanding students from overseas may be nominated by the University for receipt of an Overseas Research Scholarship Awards Scheme (ORSAS) award to cover the difference between UK/EU student fees and foreign student fees.

ORSAS awards are highly competitive and most applicants are unsuccessful.

If you are a non-UK, non-EU student, you should carefully consider whether you can meet your fee obligations from your own sources of funding.

Self funding

We welcome applications from candidates with their own sources of funding.

The application procedure for self-funding applicants is the same as for all other students.

Please indicate clearly on the official University postgraduate application form that you are prepared to fund the cost of your PhD training in full.