Women in Surgery

It is a myth that women and those with young families are unlikely to succeed in surgery.

With over 70% of medical school entrants being female, it is crucial that surgery becomes an attractive prospect to women.

There are obvious practical reasons for this. If we fail to do so, we will face a significant shortage of surgical trainees.

Just as important, but more difficult to define, are the urgently needed skills and strengths that women, as well as men, can bring to surgery. These include compassion, and good organisational and communication skills.

The Royal Colleges are keen to promote women in surgery and to address obstacles wherever possible.

Working Parents

There are opportunities for trainees to undertake part of their training on a less than full time basis, and so it is possible to train to be a surgeon if you have a young family.

It requires a real passion for surgery and a strong desire to succeed, but it can be done, and done effectively.