Patrick Addison

Consultant Plastic Surgeon

Patrick Addison

Site Medical Director, St. John's Hospital and Princess Alexandra Eye Pavillion

Contact details

Specialist Clinical Interests

Oncological and Trauma reconstruction; Facial paralysis.

Research Interests

Ischaemia reperfusion injury, Facial paralysis, Microsurgical reconstruction.

Current projects

  • Psycho-social assessment in facial reanimation.
  • Masseter contribution to the normal smile – an electrophysiology study.
  • Animal bite injuries and emergency treatment.
  • Osmotic tissue expanders.
  • The influence of Laser Doppler scanning in pediatric burn management.
  • Efficacy and safety of Tranexamic acid use in elective plastic surgery.
  • Audit of all site regional plastic surgery trauma 2011-2012.

Book Chapters

  • Plastic Surgery in Garden, Principles and Practice of Surgery 7th and 8th Editions.
  • The Management of the Paralysed Face for Stell and Maran’s Textbook of Head and Neck Surgery –Hodder Arnold March 2012 .
  • Drugs in Microsurgery (Flap Pharmacology) in Microsurgical reconstruction of the Head and Neck Surgery. Wei FC and Neligan PC Quality Medical Publishing 2010.


A list of Patrick Addison's publications can be found by clicking here.