It is advisable to do a Student Selected Component Four (SSC4) project or Summer Vacation project related to surgery.

SSC4 Projects 2013-2014

We encourage you to contact prospective supervisors, but before doing so you must carefully consider the nature and design of the project you would like to undertake.


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Student Selected Component Four (SSC4) projects

Your SSC4 is an opportunity to initiate, plan and carry out a research project.

Note that the onus is on you, the student, to set up this project. Once you have a supervisor, they will help you to refine your ideas.

Projects are usually clinical although a limited number of laboratory-based projects are available.

Edinburgh Electronic Medical Curriculum (EEMeC)

Eligible students should first access the SSC4 resource material available on the Edinburgh Electronic Medical Curriculum (EEMeC).

Past projects

You may find it useful to look at the previous SSC4 projects supervised within the department. These are available by contacting the Department of Clinical Surgery.

Summer Vacaction Projects

Students who have developed an idea for a Summer Vacation Project in Various lab-based projects examining questions relating to transplantation should contact Mr Ewen Harrison.

Professor Ewen Harrison

Professor of Surgery and Data Science and Honorary Consultant Surgeon

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