Extra - Coporeal Knot

Part of this knot requires tying outside the simulator. This knot has been tied using string for clarity.

Stage 1

  • Anchor the suture around the area you want the knot to lie
  • Pull the threads outside of the simulator to tie the knot using your hands

Stage 2

  • Hold both ends of the suture in your respective palms
  • Wrap the left side over your left thumb
  • With your right hand take the suture around your left thumb and hold between your left index and middle fingers, leaving your right hand free
  • There should be a gap between both threads
  • With the end of the suture between your fingers wrap around the left thread twice working upwards.
  • End the second wrap around in between the two threads and place over the right thread
  • Wrap this end around the right thread ending in between both threads
  • This end should be taken around the right thread ending in between both threads
  • Wrap this end over the right end and pull down and through the hoop
  • Pull the knot tight and slide the knot up and into the simulator

Stage 3

  • This is how the knot should lie inside the simulator
  • You can then pull on each side to make the knot tight and slide no longer

Stage 4

  • With the knot pulled tight it should not move in any direction