Clinical Academics


Professor Stephen J Wigmore

Regius Chair of Clinical Surgery and Head of Department of Surgery

Honorary Consultant Surgeon

Professor of Surgical Sciences and Honorary Consultant Surgeon

Professor Lorna Marson

Professor of Transplant Surgery and Honorary Consultant Transplant Surgeon

Professor Damian J Mole

1777 Chair of Surgery and Honorary Consultant Surgeon

Professor Ewen Harrison

Professor of Surgery and Data Science and Honorary Consultant Surgeon

Clinical Senior Lecturer

Rachel Guest

Clinical Senior Lecturer & Honorary HPB Consultant Surgeon

Research Fellows

Cameron Fairfield

Clinical Research Fellow

Stephen Knight

Clinical Research Fellow

Kevin Gallagher

Research Fellow

Eilidh Gunn

Research Fellow

Fiona Kerray

Research Fellow

Emma Howie

Research Fellow

Non-Clinical Fellows

Almar Neiteler

Research Fellow